About Me

My name is Cole Trethewey

I am a 19yr old who is an avid gamer and developer. I create Arma 3, Garry's Mod, CS:GO and Portal maps / addons for these games.

I am a very dedicated Developer when it comes to doing what I Love, I will do 100% better while developing something I like opposed to something I dislike.

My Skills

Here is a list of things that I can do

  • Write Code (LUA / HTML / CSS / etc..)
  • Build Maps
  • Stay Energized to Finish


Here we have a list of my Projects! Please note, all change logs are on a separate .txt file! Click "Change Log" under the project you wish to view.

In-Progress Projects

Finished Projects

ARMA 3: Training Field

Progress: CANCELED

This project was CANCELED after issues with staying inside TMP

This project may return if I can reinstate inside the TMP.

ARMA 3: Lakeside EMS Skin

The first car skin I have ever created for ARMA 3.

ARMA 3: Cherno Revamp

This was a project for a friend who wanted a Cherno Fixup.

Contact Me

Here you can contact me with suggestions or project ideas!